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I created this site to present some highlights from my career, as well as to showcase the tools I use to efficiently produce marketing content. To create this site, I used generative AI through Gamma and ChatGPT, project management through Notion and Trello, and many of the lovely tools in the Adobe Creative Suite.
Areas of Expertise
Strategic Planning
I specialize in creating result-driven marketing strategies tailored to the unique needs of each client.
Digital Campaign Management
I lead my teams to execute efficient and agile campaigns that succeed in diverse channels.
Solutions Focused Marketing for Selling
I help elevate sales efforts to achieve growth with harmonious teams.
Case Studies: Successful Marketing Campaigns
Integrated Messaging - Mohegan Sun
Learn how the best casino & resort in Connecticut was covered in (RED) with Belvedere messaging displayed on print and digital channels.
Brand Rejuvenation - United Citrus
Discover how a Massachusetts beverage flavors manufacturer with a variety of growing pains took it to the next level with a strong marketing mix including a complete website overhaul.
Reshaping Sales Support - Greene Group
Explore an extensive overhaul of sales support marketing tools for a U.S. based precision components company with a 100 year history of delivering high quality metal fabrication services.


"A Valuable Team Member"
"Glynn possesses a rare combination of insight, creativity, and analytical acumen that sets her apart in the field of marketing." - Marketing Consultant


"Remarkable ROI"
"Glynn's ability to conceptualize and execute effective marketing strategies not only enhanced our brand image but also helped our company establish the strong customer base that helps us thrive today." - Founder & CEO
Email me at glynngs(dot)icloud.com to request list of recommendations.
Marketing Services
Digital Strategy
I offer comprehensive digital plans to efficiently attract, engage, and convert your target audience into loyal customers.
Project Management
I lead complex marketing projects and team structures to get your plans across the finish line.
Integrated Approach
Maximize your effectiveness with optimized messaging across all channels.
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